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Hi everyone!

How are you all feeling this Easter? Stuffed your faces with all the chocolate Easter eggs you could find? ;) Well, maybe you want to take a step back after Easter and do a Juice Detox! A while ago I did a 5-day detox from JuiceBrothers, and today I want to share my experience with you guys!

This was actually my second detox that I ever did, because last year I had my first one with JUIZ~S. I spoke with someone who did a detox with them as well and she said she also did one with JuiceBrothers and prefered that one more, so I got very curious! JuiceBrothers works with three different grades of detox: Deep, Deeper and Deepest. As you can probably immagine the Deep one is mildest one while the Deepest one is a full green juice detox! I decided to go for the Deepest one, since I already did a detox before and that went quite well plus I was also eating vegan most of the time midweeks so my body doesn’t get a lot of hard-to-digest food like meat and diary. I wanted to do a 5-day detox because with my previous one I found out that after the third day things were getting better so I wanted the full benefits! With the Deepest detox you have the following juices:
– A wheatgrass shot to start the day
– Master Cleanse (alkaline water, maple syrup, lemon, cayenne pepper)
– Sweet Green Basil (pineapple, cucumber, celery, spinach, kale, basil, spirulina)
– 2x Force Of Nature (cucumber, celery, spinach, kale, parsley, lemon)
– Green Routine (apple, cucumber, celery, romaine lettuce, spinach, kale, lemon, parsley, ginger)
– Vanilla Sky (lmond milk, coconut sugar, vanilla powder, Himalayan salt)

Day 1:
Before I started this detox I actually did build of my food intake for a better experience. They always suggest to do that so the detox doesn’t hit you that hard, but that’s always hard in the weekend (meaning cheatmeals like pizza!) The last time I didn’t really do that because I remember I had a Birthday party and it was hard to resist all the yummy snacks and alcohol, but this time I went 100% vegan + I didn’t snack unhealthy two days before I started the detox. Another difference was that I decided to do my detox in a fully planned week, because my last detox I did the week before my exams (meaning staying at home studying all day) and I hoped that now I would’ve had some distraction. Another difference is that I had to pick up my fresh juices everyday (or for two days ahead), but luckily there was a JuiceBrothers store at Amsterdam Zuid station, very close to my school.
I always have treating patients on Monday morning which starts at 8:30, but I’m always present from 7:30 to prepare my patient. Luckily the JuiceBrothers store opened at 7 so I picked up my juices when they openend. I started by taking the wheatgrass shot immediately and the Master Cleanse when I was at school preparing my patient. I actually really liked the spicy-ness of the Master Cleanse, although some people told me they really hated it. Between my two patients I took my second juice (Sweet Green Basil) which was kind of Ok. I really don’t like celery but the pineapple was sweet enough to kinda overpower the celery taste. My morning passed so fast because of treating patients and before I knew I was done with my morning and ready to take the first Force Of Nature. This was my last favourite juice because this one doesn’t have any fruit (a little bit of lemon juice) so it’s a full-veggie juice and the celery flavour is really strong. But I managed to finish it and when I got home a took a little nap (I always do because I have to get up so early for treating patients! :P) and after my nap I took the Green Routine which was Ok because of the fruit and ginger. Around dinner time I took my second Force of Nature and a few hours after that my favourite ‘juice’ of the day the Vanilla Sky! After a day full of healthy juices this one tasted so yummy! Overall the first day went really well, I wasn’t feeling hungry and my enery-level was like usual on a Monday (kinda low because of getting up so early)

Day 2:
I picked up my juices for the day and the day after (I didn’t had to go to school on Wednesday so I didn’t want to travel there just to pick up my juices) Unfortunately they made a mistake with the juices, so they didn’t had the specific detox juices from the Deepest detox in stock. They have me some other ones like you can see on the picture (Mean Green and Green goddess) That wasn’t a problem for the because now I had some different flavours insead of having the same juices for five days! Plus the lady at the counter was nice enough to give me two extra shots for the day (I picked the Ginger shot and the Turmeric shot) At the start of the day I was feeling fine, but during the couple of classes I had that day I was starting to feel very low in energy although I had a good night of sleep. I also was feeling a bit hungry especialy when I saw some of my classmates eating/snacking. One of the things I also started to notice was that I had to go to the toilet A LOT! But that’s probably because I was only consuming liquid (the juices plus plenty of water and herbal tea) The day went by and I actually had plans to go to the gym this night, but I decided not to just to gove my body some rest because I was feeling so low in energy. And also to prepare for the day of hell of my detox (aka. day three)

Day 3:
The last time I did a 5-day detox, the third day was the day of hell! I was feeling super low in energy, hungry and grumpy.. Luckily I didn’t had any classes this wednesday and I decided to take the day off from other plans, but it turned out that this was actually unnecessary. I woke up and I was actually feeling energized and not hungry at all, and this feeling stayed the whole day! I still didn’t do anything stressfull that day, just doing some chores, cleaning up the house, answering emails and blogging. Looking back Looking back I actually had my ‘off-day’ during the second day, although it wasn’t as rough as during my first detox. I think this is because this time I actually build off my diet two days before starting my detox, while with my first one I still had carbs, diary, meat and alcohol the day before starting… (shame on me) So a tip for everyone wanting to do a detox: DO cut your carbs,diary, meat and alcohol two days before starting!

Day 4 + 5:
These last two days I felt GREAT! I wasn’t hungry at all, I had tons of energy (for the people who know me even more than usual :p), my tummy was flat and non-bloated all day, I was sleeping like a baby and actually felt rested when I wake up (I often wake up tired after a solid night of sleap) and my skin was clearing up and glowing with health! Overall I had a better experience with this JuiceBrother detox than the one I did before, but maybe I can also blame myself because I didn’t build off my diet before doing my first one. Altogether with this one I had more energy and was less hungry, and I think that’s also because the juices from Juicebrothers are 420 ml each plus a shot in the morning!

Have you ever done a juice detox? If so what was your experience?

Lots of love and have a nice day! ♥

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    April 18, 2017

    Wow, sounds amazing!

    April 20, 2017

    Good read! But what would you say are the real benefits you felt of doing the detox? Do you really see/feel a difference?