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Hi everyone!

So sorry for the lack of updates lately, but I just couldn’t find the motivation to get some blogposts out of my fingertips. Now I’m trying to get it back by just doing it, so I hope you like this post! ;)

As you know I’m trying to take good care of my skin, in particular by avoiding bad ingredients like minerail oil, sulfates and silicones. A while ago I went to an event and I discoverd skincare brand Annemarie Borlind. All their products are natural, biological, vegan, without silicones, mineral oil and other rubbish ingredients. I got the chance to test their Energy Nature line, perfect for my 20-something skin! The Energy Nature line is made with stamcells from the Black Forest Rose to protect the skin from aging (not anti-age but pre-aging) and biological caffeine to give the dull skin a boost (I think we all know how our skin looks like after a night with a little less sleep than usual) Below I will tell you a little more about all the individual products.

Step 1 | Cleansing with the refreshing cleansing gel: A very gentle cleanser to thoroughly clean the skin and get rid of make-up. To me, this is not a very special product. I mean a cleansers is a cleanser, it does what it needs to do and that’s cleansing. Yet this one is very gently to the skin and feels very refreshing. Although my skin feels a little dry afterwards, it’s nothing a moisturiser can’t fix.

Step 2 | Firming with the cooling facial gel: This is the step that you can see as a serum, it gives a hydrating boost to your skin! Because of the caffeine and menthol derivative it feels very fresh and makes your looks firmed. Because of this I only prefer to use this gel in the morning (the fresh feeling feels so awakening).

Step 3 | Protecting the skin with the Vitalizing Day Cream: This cream has a very tick texture, but yet it is very easy to apply and spread across the face. It sinks right in and leaves the skin moisturised with a healthy glow without making giving you a shiny/greasy look throughout the day. The only downside is that this cream doesn’t have SPF, I always use that to protect my skin from the sun but now I have to use a seperate SPF.

Step 4 | Nurture the skin during by night with the Regenerative Night Cream: Funny fact is that this cream has a less thick and creamy texture than the daycream, but on the skin it feels richer! When I wake up the morning after I used it my skin feels hydrated, fresh and looks glowy. It’s very hard to see the actual ‘Regenerating’ part of the cream, but it sure looks like my skin had some extra hours of sleep over the night.

Step 5 | Eye-care with the Anti-Puff Eye Serum: This is actually my favourite product of this line! It’s a very handy ‘wand’ with a ball-shaped metal tip, by squeezing the base of this tip the products comes out of the ball. You can use the ball-tip to massage the serum under the eyes, and this feels so nice and cooling! The perfect way to reduce those puffy bags after a short night of sleep. This serum also has Hesperidine (an extract from bitter orange) in it, which is supposed to reduce the dark cirkles under the eyes. The skin around my eyes is very dark, but after a few weeks of testing this product I can really start to see a bit of difference! I still prefer to use a concealer though, and since this serum dries up a bit sticky it’s a perfect base for that as well!

Have you ever tried anything from Annemarie Borlind? I’m very curious about their other products now so please tell me ;)

Lots of love and have a nice day! ♥

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    March 15, 2017

    Sounds amazing!