Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dutch Nelly blogger competition entrance (New in)

Hi guys!

A while ago I saw a competition on the Dutch Nelly site: 'Become the new Dutch Nelly blogger!'
By writing a post about your favourite pair of Nelly heels you could win 3 months of blogging for Nelly.com! I immediately wanted to participate in this competition!
I think I'm the perfect one to be a blogger for Nelly.com. I love to blog, write posts, share my interests and style and I also love Nelly.com, especially their Nelly Shoes.
So I wrote an entrance for this competition, you can read it below. I hope you like it!

Tomorrow is the deadline and I received the shoes today, I'm affraid if I post this entrance tomorrow I'll be too late. That's why there are two updates for today, but I think you guys don't mind that right? ;)

As you know I own a lot of Nelly Shoes: the Exclusive Lee heels, Ameena heels, Andrea boots, Valenti heels, Stud heels, Jade heels and Shanice heels. The quality is very good, they're comfortable and the designs are on trend and all that for such a little price tag.

My collection of shoes from this very cool brand keeps on expanding because just recently I received another pair of Nelly Shoes: The Sharain heels!
Although I love all of my Nelly Shoes, these new ones are my favourite for sure even if I have them for just a of day right now!
When I was browsing through the shoe section of the Nelly website I stumbled upon these heels and I was blown away! I think I even got a Shoegasm. I mean look at at them! These heels are some serious shoeporn right?!
I went crazy, drooled all over my laptop and even jumped up and down in my chair like a small over-enthusiastic child. But after a while my excitement slowly faded away because I thought these were from Jeffrey Campbell or some other expensive brand.. But when I saw they were from Nelly Shoes and had a small price tag I lost it. I started jumping and dancing in my living room, smiling like a maniac!
*I think I have a serious shoe-fetish... Shhh don't tell anyone*

Going crazy when seeing the Sharain heels for the first time.

I've always been a fan of crazy and insane heels, but most of the time they're a bit above my budget. So the moment I saw these babies I ordered them immediately!
Since the moment I ordered them I couldn't wait for them to arrive, and when I got the tracking email I checked the updates once every 5 minutes. After a few days I was literally sitting in front of my doorbell 24/7, waiting for the mailman to deliver my package.
When he finally did I think I scared him to death with my maniac smile and Zalando scream. I yanked the package out of his hands, slammed the door in his face and went to a corner of the room with my package, hugging it while silently repeating 'My precious...'
After a while I got a hold on myself and I wanted to open the package to see the shoes in real life, I wanted to feel them on my feet, I wanted to walk in them, strut the streets in them while getting looks from people that are staring at my amazing heels!
I decided to capture my excitement on film so I made a video about unboxing the shoes and seeing them for the first time in real life. Please watch at your own risk..

Viewers caution required because these videos contain some hardcore shoe porn!

Right.... I said OMG a little bit too much, but that was all I could say! :p I was blown away..
For the ones who didn't clicked the upper right red cross, I made some pictures of these gorgeous babies.

I also made some collages with outfits I would wear with these heels. I did this while waiting for the heels to arrive, to keep my mind occupied.

Romantic though Nelly

This first look is a romantic though look.
I'm not a sweet and romantic type of girl, so I would thoughen up this flowy skirt with a leather biker vest. When the weather is a bit colder I would wear a leather biker jacket instead of the vest.
The white loose top will be tucked inside the skirt, and since it's semi-sheer I would wear a sexy triangle lace bra underneath it just to give it a bit more sexappeal ;)
And to finish the look off, some Fashionology jewellery.
Perfect outfit for when you want that bit more extra 'wow' to an outfit.

Nelly summer

 The second look is a summer outfit, if it ever will be summer here in the Netherlands..
A high waisted silk printed short combined with a basic black bralet to show some skin on the midriff. To make this outfit a little interesting I want to add some bold jewellery like the flower statement necklace and a bunch of Sal Y Limon bangles. And if it's too cold for bare legs, the shorts can be replaces by a printed palazzo pant.
I can see myself wearing this at the beach, sipping on a cocktail with little umbrellas in it.

Nelly simple

And the last look is just a basic look.
Some dark jeans with a white printed tee and a checkered blouse. No jewellery, only a watch.
This is a perfect look for when you're doing nothing special.

Sigh... I'm in so love with these gorgeous heels. (Sorry BF, I still love you though)
I want to thank Nelly for bringing us together and making women all over the world happy with their affordable and high-fashion shoes.
From the bottom of my heart I say: Thank you Nelly!


  1. Waaaauw Sharon, lucky you! Ze zijn echt heel gaaf! Haha, je filmpje was geniaal, zo blij! :) maar je kan er echt heel goed op lopen zeg, petje af!
    Ik heb eergisteren ook Nelly heels besteld (m'n tweede paar) witte hakken in de Sale. Ben benieuwd! Heb je al met je hakjes aan geslapen, hihi? xx

  2. Haha! Leuk hoor :) OMG je bent zeker blij!! :)

  3. Haha wat een leuke post en video. Heb wel om je gelachen hoor, maar op een goede manier ;-). OMG!!! Als je nou niet wint om voor Nelly te schrijven dan weet ik het ook niet meer. Than the Crazy!!!.

    Gefeliciteerd nog dat je geslaagd ben!! En de schoenen zijn echt AMAZING!!


  4. Those shoes are amazing, totally speaking my fashion language!!!:))xx
    have a great day!


  5. Those shoes are gorgeous! I really love it. Love your videos too.

  6. This is really great, you have an eye for this, that's sure!

  7. WOW!They're killers!Love them!Can't wait to see you style them;)

  8. Gorgeous kicks! Love how you played up the sharp angles with that second set...cropped top and gorgeous shorts to show off those beauties! Great finds!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  9. ohmijngod, die WIL IK!!! :|...
    ze zijn prachtig, als ik geld heb, ga ik ze misschien wel bestellen.. vind ze prachtig hahahah!!


  10. Those shoes are absolutely stunning!

  11. those shoes.. oh my god. amazing shoess! :) xx

    Daisy Cats

  12. These shoes are to die for !! We love them !
    come and check our blog, leave your impressions, and follow us if you want, we will follow you back ;)

    Afaf & Marwa

  13. I love the shoes!!! It's so amazing!


  14. My new boots are good looking and fit well, a little tight on the toes but seems like they will stretch. Very nice product for the price.


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