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Hi everyone!
Last week I already let you knew I placed a big order at Pepe Jeans. When I received it I thought it might be fun to video a shoplog, since I ordered some special items that I wanted to show you like this. This way the items get the attention they deserve instead of just showing them in an outfit like ‘Hey, look at me in my new …..’ ;)
Please let me know what your favourite items is!
Lots of love and have a nice day!


Hi everyone!

I just had to call this outfit ‘Of je worst lust’! xD It’s a Dutch saying what literally means ‘Do you like sausage’ but it’s a phrase we say when someone couldn’t hear/understand us. I think you might understand why I called this outfit this way ;)
This is the outfit that I was wearing last Saturday when I went to Utrecht with fellowblogger Anita. She won a competition to go the red carpet premiere at the ‘Nederlands Film Festival’, but before we went to the premiere we went on a little shopping trip since that day it also was the National Glamour Day ;)
Since the MOAM voor HEMA collection will hit the stores today, I already got a lot of comments on my ‘Rookworst’ shirt. Some people recognized it and other people just thought it was a super awesome shirt!
I’m also wearing the shoes I picked at the Invito VIP shopping night, these hairy leopard desert boots! Something different than my usual black shoes ;) What do you think of this outfit?

Leopard desert boots

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Hi everyone!
Last Friday I went to the launch event of the MOAM voor HEMA collection. MOAM is a fashion collective of graduates, and with the help of reputable fashion designers they make their own collections. Dutch concept store HEMA asked MOAM to collaborate to make a collection.. The founder of MOAM Martijn Nekoui  couldn’t say no to this offer, and after a few months the collection is finally here. This 20-piece clean (and affordable, think €30 for a bomber jacket!) collection will hit the stores tomorrow! But I already have a sneak peek for you because I made a little video of the launch event.
It was a very fun night out with typical Dutch HEMA treats such as ‘Jip en Janneke’ champagne, ‘Rookworst’ sushi and MOAM tompoucen. The collection presentation started with models coming down the escalators in the HEMA flagship store in Amsterdam. They walked through the collection while shopping, or switching garments with opposite sex models (since some items are unisex). After that the 4 designers plus founder Martijn gave a little speech and opened the pre-shopping madness. I had my eye on the limited edition ‘Rookworst’ shirt and luckily I was standing in front of it. With risking my life I managed to get one because I got crushed by a mass of people also trying to get their hands on this already famous shirt! :p
Tomorrow I will show you an outfit with the shirt, but for now enjoy the video!
Lots of love and have a nice day!